A Bright White Kitchen

White Studio Kitchen

“This kitchen combines many styles. The client wanted to complement the style of her house with an English Tudor, but she had an eclectic taste. She wanted a bright kitchen, so she chose white cabinets instead of dark ones that would be more colonial. To add contrast, she chose 12 by 12 inches terracotta tiles for the floor and a butcher block for the island countertop.

“Since the real terracotta is very soft and easily cracked, after installation it must be covered with glaze and then periodically updated. But it has a special old look, and its earthy tones add heat, especially when used with white cabinets.

Designer: Emmanuel
Aladdin Remodelers
Massapequa Park, New York

French Country Colors

French Kithen

“This new construction, the amazing design of a house in the French countryside, has striking oil-yellow stucco on the outside with polished copper accents. It was foreseen that kitchen cabinet would reflect the color of the exterior. Creamy yellow furniture expands the interior while recreating a sense of the sunny atmosphere of the Old World. The color is very muffled, warm dark amber glaze softens the yellow, and the remains of gray in the crevices leave a look of ancient dust. Worn edges and wormholes add depth and character.

“The color of the countertop is uba tube, the deep green color of the bottle which is a great contrast to the cream of cutlery cream. The shadow “casts” various elements, and does not compete with them. Granite countertops have reflective properties, so while it seems dark, it reflects the area around it that is light. The surface of the rack actually highlights the cabinets, causing them to become the focus of light in the room. The primary meaning of color is that it repeats the exterior color of the palette, a decision made in tandem with the client, architect Jack Arnold, and interior designer Charles Fairy. ”

Designer: Sally Ann Sullivan, CKD
Showcase Kitchens and Baths, Inc.
Tulsa, Oklahoma